soya bean protein

soya bean protein

Soy Protein Isolate Unisonsoy, GMO Free, kosher certified, from ISO and HACCP certified facility. Unisonsoy is stable in quality and good in functional properties, widely used for processing of various meat, poultry and fish products.


Unisonsoy is regularly shipped to USA,Canada, Europe; South America etc.


- Soy Protein Isolate

- HS code: 3504 0090


- protein (N x 6.25; on dry basis) 90% min

- moisture:7% max

- Ash: 6% max

- particle size (through 100 mesh) 95% min

- Heavy metal as Lead:1 mg/kg max

- Arsenic: 0.5 mg/kg max

- Total plate count 20,000CFU/g max

- E Coli: negative

- Salmonella: negative

- Packing: in paper bag of 20 kgs net each

- Quantity: 13.5 mt / 20FCL

- Quantity: 25.7 mt / 40FCL


Quality Guarantee:

- ISO9001: 2000


- kosher

- Halal

- unique water purification system of RO membrane, all the processing water used is purified by such system, it keeps the “Unisonsoy” to be high quality.

- Automatic & continuous production which is completely different from the traditional way.



“Unisonsoy” Soy Protein Isolate

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Product Origin: China
Model Number:  
Brand Name: Unisonsoy

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